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IN THE KEEP OF TIME by Margaret J. Anderson

We are celebrating the brand new availability of our dear friend Margaret J. Anderson’s charming novel, IN THE KEEP OF TIME, as an eBook. Originally published by Knopf over thirty years ago, the story of four English children sent to Scotland for a bit of summer vacation in the countryside has many fans who adored the book as children themselves and now want to share the time-slip adventure with their own children. That the book--as of today--can be speedily downloaded is especially good news for all of those who have been unable to find the out-of- print paper versions.

It seems particularly appropriate to me that my first book read on a Kindle should be this tale of travel to the past and to the future. It's a story that offers up much food for thought for young readers about the way we care for our planet and yet manages this without miring itself in the darkness of many of the current dystopian titles being published. As a Scot, born in Lockerbie, the charming lingo of “wee bairns” and the like come naturally to Margaret, and her background in science afforded her a prescience in imagining the consequences of global warming long before it was much discussed.

I love picturing a brand new generation of readers being introduced to this exciting and yet somehow cozy adventure by the parents who loved it when it first came out so many years ago. IN THE KEEP OF TIME is a book which has stood the TEST OF TIME!
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