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Brides of Eden

A True Story Imagined

For the first time since its original publication by HarperCollins in 2001, Brides of Eden is now available in ebook format for just $5.99.

"Based on a true story from Corvallis, OR, in about 1903-1906, Crew's novel credibly and engagingly describes the degrees by which common sense and sincere religious belief gradually can be subverted to fanaticism. Dramatic, sobering, and sadly all too real." -- Joel Shoemaker, School Library Journal

"This well-researched story has a very satisfying plot from an interesting voice and will have readers rushing to learn the bizarre outcome ... a facinating look at the dynamics of cults." --Kirkus Reviews

"Gorgeously emotional ... Brides of Eden will haunt the minds of its readers for many, many years." -- Dan Hays, The Salem Statesman-Journal

"Crew tells a good story."--The New York Times Book Review

"Crew deftly explores religious fanaticism, group thought, and the psychology of victimization, at the same time weaving a strong tale." --Ilene Cooper, Booklist

Attie Bray and Eva Mae Hurt, two of the real young women whose stories are told in Brides of Eden.
To remove the women from the influence of Franz Creffield, a charismatic religious leader, the town fathers declared them insane. Several of the commitment hearings were held in the Benton County Courthouse.