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Nobody's appearing anywhere these days, obviously. We can't even see our own precious grandchildren. There's heartache in every home, worldwide. But yesterday this photo came to me: my daughter-in-law with our two granddaughters. The older one stayed at Wake Robin Farm with us for five days in July while her baby sister was being born in Portland, and that's the only time we've seen her since the pandemic lockdown began.  We have yet to meet this newest baby, and may I just say that I am very much looking forward to getting the shot into my shoulder and this baby into my arms! 


I know the whole world is Zooming, and more power to you all, but we are just not into it. Instead, I still rely on the power of the written word and images such as this, which I found surprisingly soothing. You could call it, "All is calm, all is bright."  They've got this, these two young mothers, nurturing the future through this dark time. Surely we're almost to the light. 


We gather together...Thanksgiving 2018. Those were the days!
Showed up, as promised, at my old junior high (rebuilt and renamed) for a visit with girls reading A Heart for Any Fate.  Surprise! A birthday party for me!  Thanks, librarian Joe Fulton, for pulling this together and making the visit so special.   What could be more fun for a writer than being with people who've just read her book and who have lined up the most excellent cupcakes?!  ( I'm still processing how I feel about seeing the picture of myself scanned from my 8th grade yearbook pinned to each person's T-shirt!)