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June 23, 2018.

Appearing with other authors at a conference for church librarians at The First Presbyterian Church in Corvallis, Oregon. Details as they become available.




July 9, 1018  


Selling and signing books at Art & the Vineyard, Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon, 1-5 pm.





Showed up, as promised, at my old junior high (rebuilt and renamed) for a visit with girls reading A Heart for Any Fate.  Surprise! A birthday party for me!  Thanks, librarian Joe Fulton, for pulling this together and making the visit so special.   What could be more fun for a writer than being with people who've just read her book and who have lined up the most excellent cupcakes?!  ( I'm still processing how I feel about seeing the picture of myself scanned from my 8th grade yearbook pinned to each person's T-shirt!)

Nothing beats the bliss of holding your own baby granddaughter. I hope I will be privileged to make appearances in her life as often as possible! I made the dress behind us using, for the neckline trim, an antique collar which had belonged to the baby's great-great-great grandmother. Ida Kate was reportedly totally bad-ass, and I already have reason to believe Darwin will be absolutely formidable herself!

New/old happy place, the Napili Kai in Maui, where we spent our 20th anniversary 23 years ago and where it turned out my parents had stayed on THEIR 20th anniversary.

Important appearance in my own backyard--smack in the zone of totality--on Eclipse Day, August 21, 2017. Holding grandson Emery, with his big brother Nolan peaking over my shoulder. Joining me is my lovely niece, Mallory Crew, of Vancouver, B. C. Our gathering included family from Canada, San Francisco, Portland, and Bend, all brave souls willing to defy the predictions of authorities that all of Oregon would be locked in a traffic gridlock of epic proportions. We're so glad they came!

Margarita at our favorite, the Hawk Creek Cafe in Neskowin, July 2017.
At the top of Mary's Peak on the Solstice, 2017

It feels so good to be well and out in the world again! A couple of weeks ago I visited Pat Schmaltz's class at Crossroads, here in Corvallis. A lovely group of women from China, Korea, and one from Iran were using my Oregon Trail novel, A Heart for Any Fate, as a vehicle for practicing their English. I have always loved novels about Chinese women, so it was really fun to watch Bo, from China, enthusiastically dissect the romantic relationships in my book! They all really got it!

A week later I returned with my grandson in tow during their end of the term party to collect the scrapbook of the Oregon Trail driving adventure I'd left for the class to peruse. Naturally I was hoping the Chinese women could get Nolan to converse in Chinese so I could hear him. Unfortunately the crowded room was too loud and echoy and his little piping voice could not be heard speaking in either language. Oh, well! He seemed to enjoy seeing a bunch of women who looked like his mother.

For more on using A Heart for Any Fate in an English-as-a-second language class, please go to the page for this book.