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Friday, May 17th, 2019


Meeting with Chris Jordan's book group, "River Bookies," on the banks of the beautiful Santiam River near Lyons. We will discuss Accidental Addict, Wedding in Yangshuo, and anything else people want to talk about. Private.


Please contact me if you'd like me to visit your local book group.





We gather together...Thanksgiving 2018
Showed up, as promised, at my old junior high (rebuilt and renamed) for a visit with girls reading A Heart for Any Fate.  Surprise! A birthday party for me!  Thanks, librarian Joe Fulton, for pulling this together and making the visit so special.   What could be more fun for a writer than being with people who've just read her book and who have lined up the most excellent cupcakes?!  ( I'm still processing how I feel about seeing the picture of myself scanned from my 8th grade yearbook pinned to each person's T-shirt!)

Nothing beats the bliss of holding your own baby granddaughter. I hope I will be privileged to make appearances in her life as often as possible! I made the dress behind us using, for the neckline trim, an antique collar which had belonged to the baby's great-great-great grandmother. Ida Kate was reportedly totally bad-ass, and I already have reason to believe Darwin will be absolutely formidable herself!

Important appearance in my own backyard--smack in the zone of totality--on Eclipse Day, August 21, 2017. Holding grandson Emery, with his big brother Nolan peaking over my shoulder. Joining me is my lovely niece, Mallory Crew, of Vancouver, B. C. Our gathering included family from Canada, San Francisco, Portland, and Bend, all brave souls willing to defy the predictions of authorities that all of Oregon would be locked in a traffic gridlock of epic proportions. We're so glad they came!