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April 27, 2017

Discussing ACCIDENTAL ADDICT at Eneke Warnke's book group. Private.

May 23, 2017

Discussing ACCIDENTAL ADDICT at Claudia Raleigh's book group, 4:00pm. Private.

It feels so good to be well and out in the world again! A couple of weeks ago I visited Pat Schmaltz's class at Crossroads, here in Corvallis. A lovely group of women from China, Korea, and one from Iran were using my Oregon Trail novel, A Heart for Any Fate, as a vehicle for practicing their English. I have always loved novels about Chinese women, so it was really fun to watch Bo, from China, enthusiastically dissect the romantic relationships in my book! They all really got it!

A week later I returned with my grandson in tow during their end of the term party to collect the scrapbook of the Oregon Trail driving adventure I'd left for the class to peruse. Naturally I was hoping the Chinese women could get Nolan to converse in Chinese so I could hear him. Unfortunately the crowded room was too loud and echoy and his little piping voice could not be heard speaking in either language. Oh, well! He seemed to enjoy seeing a bunch of women who looked like his mother.

For more on using A Heart for Any Fate in an English-as-a-second language class, please go to the page for this book.

Finally got well and made it back to Hawaii--October, 2016.

My idea of a hot date and a fun time: cleaning up the old homestead site at Kitten Creek, Yamhill County, Oregon, October 2011

The author's memoir about her inadvertent addiction to and recovery from doctor-prescribed opioid painkillers and the benzodiazepine Xanax.
A mysterious man tears a small town apart with his seductive new religion.
A spirited young woman joins her family in an overland journey to Oregon that will test each one of them to the limits of their faith and endurance.
In in the wake of the Cambodian holocaust, a young Khmer girl struggles to make a new life in the United States.
An eighteen-mile wall of fire is roaring toward Blue Star, the logging camp where 13-yer-old Storie lives with her family. Can they get out in time?
Against a backdrop of the 1960s, high school sophomore Kathy Shay wants to establish her own identity and connect her life with the turbulent world around her.
Thirteen-year-old Shelby has always looked forward to vacations at the family's beach cabin, but this year, everything's different. Everything's wrong.
Robby Hummer loves his family, even if they are somewhat unusual...
Betsy Bonden longs for a baby. Why does this "ordinary miracle" that seems to come so easily to others continue to elude her?

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