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I don't tweet and I don't do Facebook. What I do is totally old school--when people write me, I answer them.

Linda Crew is the award-winning author of nine novels. Her readers range in age from children who enjoy the Nekomah Creek books to adults who have appreciated her recent cross-over titles such as Brides of Eden: A True Story Imagined, and A Heart for Any Fate: Westward to Oregon 1845. She and her husband live in her hometown of Corvallis, Oregon, at Wake Robin Farm, where they were married under the oak trees forty-one years ago. When not writing, she enjoys working on their forest properties.

Now available in paperback from iUniverse and, of course,

A mysterious man tears a small town apart with his seductive new religion.
A spirited young woman joins her family in an overland journey to Oregon that will test each one of them to the limits of their faith and endurance.
In in the wake of the Cambodian holocaust, a young Khmer girl struggles to make a new life in the United States.
An eighteen-mile wall of fire is roaring toward Blue Star, the logging camp where 13-yer-old Storie lives with her family. Can they get out in time?
Against a backdrop of the 1960s, high school sophomore Kathy Shay wants to establish her own identity and connect her life with the turbulent world around her.
Thirteen-year-old Shelby has always looked forward to vacations at the family's beach cabin, but this year, everything's different. Everything's wrong.
Robby Hummer loves his family, even if they are somewhat unusual...
Betsy Bonden longs for a baby. Why does this "ordinary miracle" that seems to come so easily to others continue to elude her?

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