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Since ORDINARY MIRACLES was first published in 1993, the range of treatments for combating infertility has expanded dramatically, but a generation of women having postponed childbearing has only added to the numbers of those in desperate need of these sometimes difficult, grueling, and expensive interventions. Meanwhile, the mix of feelings in longing for a baby remains as potent and poignant as ever.

At the time my husband and I were struggling with infertility, I couldn't find any fiction that spoke to the overwhelming emotions that come with the territory. When I wrote this book, I tried to convince myself the characters were fictional, but re-reading it for the first time some twenty years later, I have to admit it: Gil and Betsy are my husband and me. That's The Way We Were. Also, although it does not tell our own personal story exactly as it unfolded,the hectic climax is taken straight from real life, as my Ob/Gyn Dr. Tom Hart will attest!

My own "ordinary" miracles 1986
Recently revisiting the wishing well at Butchart Gardens, Victoria B.C., where I once wished for a baby and, on my honor, conceived less than two weeks later. Of course the fertility drugs (and my husband!) probably helped.