Spring yoga room view. What a long, wet winter it's been here in the Pacific Northwest. How ridiculously grateful we all are to see the sun again!

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I call this one "Happy Dancing Grandma," taken just after I became one, on my way to a tribal belly dance class. I was so high with joy, I thought I was well. I wasn't. Not yet. My friends from the Benzobuddies Forum will recognize this as my avatar. Every time it popped up on the screen, it reminded me of my goal of getting back to that place of health and happiness.

The Kings Valley cabin we were building in the middle of all this.

Accidental Addict: a True Story of Pain and Healing....also Marriage, Real Estate, and Cowboy Dancing

While recovering from physician prescribed drugs and working on this book, I became aware of others also writing their own stories or trying to put together documentaries on this very important subject, and noted than many of them had set up Crowd Funding accounts. Somehow I didn’t want to do this, maybe for the same reason I never wanted to sign book contracts ahead of time. I always figured that this way, if I wanted to quit before finishing, I had no one to answer to but myself.

My kids tried to explain to me how behind the times I was in this, that Crowd Funding is more than just gaining financial backing, it’s a way to build buzz for a book. Whatever. I was stubborn. I didn’t want to do it. I also didn’t want to hold off on getting my story out there, because I feel like everybody who gets a heads-up about these drugs BEFORE they’re put on them might be a person saved from going through this hell.

So I invested my own money in making the book available. I liked the idea of being able to say: Here, check this out. You don’t have to pay ahead and root for me to finish. You don’t have to read rough drafts. I wrote this book and it’s ready to go. If you want to read it, all you have to do is pay a small amount. Think of buying a copy as Crowd Funding in reverse. Ordering direct from BookBaby helps put the book in the black that much faster. Thank you!

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After telling in lucid prose how she become an Accidental Addict, Linda Crew provides a prescription that all of medicine should heed: “A doctor should never prescribe a drug without an understanding of what it takes to get off of that drug, and a willingness to help his patient accomplish this.” One hopes that everyone who prescribes benzodiazepines and opioid painkillers will read this compelling memoir.
Robert Whitaker, Anatomy of an Epidemic

Crew’s inspiring triumph over addiction and withdrawal is a lifeline for anyone struggling to recover from prescription painkillers or anti-anxiety medications…. a brutal eye-opener for bystander friends, family, and doctors at a loss for clarity and compassion who, inadvertently, reopen the dark, black hole of desperation. This bold memoir is a riveting roller coaster of devastating defeat, tenacious courage, and exhilarating joy, gratitude, and hope.
Gretchen Olson, Call Me Hope

I hope this timely book gets widely read. Linda Crew’s experience has been shared by millions of Americans and many have lost their lives. The medical community has accidentally created an epidemic of addiction by overprescribing narcotics, and now everyone, including prescribers, needs to know how easily these drugs can destroy lives.
Andrew Kolodny, MD—Executive Director, Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing

Accidental Addict is an excruciatingly tender, necessary work, wonderfully written, so compelling, so honest. Incredibly personal and filled with love. The many, many people who don't even know this is happening to them will thank Linda Crew over and over.
Jane Kirkpatrick, Homestead

I found myself instantly drawn into her story, and her witty delivery kept me engaged. Definitely a wake-up call for all of us about the perils of painkiller and anti-anxiety medication use, and the way doctors have carelessly over-prescribed these drugs in the last few decades. A fascinating (and scary) read that won’t be easy to forget.
Margot Vance-Borland, LPC

Linda Crew clearly has a gift. Her memoir about the unrecognized epidemic of protracted withdrawal illnesses caused by benzodiazepines and other psychiatric drugs is written like a novel and, like a brilliant piece of fiction, gets under your skin…an important piece of literature that may help educate many.
Monica Cassani, author and editor of Beyond Meds, prize-winning web magazine

Linda Crew's Accidental Addict is a must read for all medical students across America, and physicians who treat pain will find this book very useful as they rethink the way they are prescribing narcotics....a superb book on an enormous medical issue of our time.
Mark Rampton, M.D., 1996 Oregon Family Doctor of the Year, team physician with Haiti Health Initiative

Addiction to prescribed medications, due to the actions of well-meaning medical professionals, has become alarmingly common across the country today. Linda Crew has written a compelling and bravely honest memoir of her struggle and recovery from the aftereffects of legally prescribed narcotic painkillers and benzodiazepines. Her voice is clear on their devastating impact, and her story is one that needs to be widely read and shared by both patients and providers.
Catherine Saeger, LICSW

If you believe that smart, strong, successful people who faithfully follow the rules, listen to their doctors, and have a solid and impressive support system of family and friends are not the “sorts of folks” who become addicted to prescription narcotics for post-surgical pain, then you’d best read Linda Crew’s Accidental Addict, a memoir that’s as harrowing, honest, and raw as it is timely. Crew writes with a ferocious energy, as though she’s determined to finish the book even as the walls of her own home are crashing down around her.
Rick Borsten, The Great Equalizer

The author's memoir about her inadvertent addiction to and recovery from doctor-prescribed opioid painkillers and the benzodiazepine Xanax.
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